G-BOAC August 1975

Photographs taken by and from the collection of Alf Batchelder.

June 1972, the British Concorde prototype 002 G-BSST visited Melbourne. Fortunately, it arrived late in the afternoon, so I was able to escape from work and get out there. The aircraft taxied into the international terminal, but was later moved to another part of the airport, where I took a couple of night shots.

A shot of G-BOAC, which came to Melbourne on a proving flight in August 1975. British Airways had hopes of establishing a Concorde service to Melbourne via Bahrain and Singapore, but unfortunately it never proceeded beyond Singapore, and the entire service was dropped around 1981, I believe. I managed to get a trip on it in 1980, and it was a tremendous thrill. London to Singapore in about 8 hours. The only way to fly!