Hondo Air Base is an inactive United States Air Force base, approximately 2 miles west-northwest of Hondo, Texas. It as active during World War II and during the early years of the Cold War as a training airfield. It was closed on 31 October 1958, although the civilian airport was used as a pilot screening facility by the Air Force from 1973 to 2000.

Commemorative Air Force Texas Hill Wing
Hondo Army Air Field


The gentleman with the microphone is retired Lt Col Dick Cole, Jimmy Dolittle's co-pilot on the 1942 Tokyo raid, and really had the audience spellbound! The singing kids are the San Antonio based TX Children's Choir. They are going to France next month to commemorate the D Day invasion, among the stops will be Normandy Beach plus Paris. The director is a retired US Army doctor and was fun to talk with.