E2C Crash Chamber's Field - NAS Norfolk


Interesting set of photos from an E2 landing mishap at NAS Norfolk last week. Aircraft blew a tire on touchdown and went off the runway - right over the arresting gear engine. Initial report is that the airframe is not repairable.

Incident Synopsis: VAW 120 E-2 crashed during landing Chambers Field, 5 Souls on board no injuries. Aircraft severely damaged.

On Thursday, March 19th, 2009 at 1637 hours E-2C ran off the runway, struck the arresting gear motor, and slid sideways to a stop during landing.

Crew exited the aircraft unassisted and reported that they were not injured. The entire flight crew was turned over to their squadron Flight doctor for evaluation. The aircraft was a total loss valued at $34,000,000 and the arresting gear that the aircraft ran over sustained $30,000 damage.


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