For some reason not clear to statisticians, aircraft and automobiles have long displayed a marked incompatibility 

Bearcat came a chopper as a result of poor brakes which caused it to slew off and run into a truck parked too close to runway.

‘OOPS! I was looking at something else’! SNJ tripped over contractor’s truck as he concentrated on the movements of other planes.

Over-crowed parking lot occurred when the R4Q jumped the chocks during engine turn-up and battered five unoffending cars nearby.

My aching back! NC3 mobile starter protrudes from wing-root of Neptune, which settled from landing gear malfunction at starting.

The plane director didn’t show up, so the pilot of this OY proceeded to taxi to another place, except there was this tractor.

Excessive taxi speed caused Panther to swerve off runway after traveling 180 feet braking and smashed the left wing on tractor.

‘I thought I could park it myself’. So blundering Banshee bumps bower when pilot declined services of the local plane director.

This picture shows the results of a taxi collision between an SNJ taxiing out to take off and a car parked in the middle of a busy taxiway. At the request of the rear seat occupant, the driver stopped the car on the taxiway to ask directions from a mechanic. At that moment the SNJ churned into the car and severed the arm of the mechanic standing at the side of the car. Occupants in the car were not injured.

Cleared to taxi down runway to take-off position, pilot of AF-2W locked tail-wheel and hit vehicles parked in middle of the runway.