C-5B Galaxy (S/N 84-0059)
Dover AFB Apr 3, 2006.

C-5B Galaxy (S/N 84-0059) crash landed shortly after takeoff at Dover AFB Apr 3, 2006.

About 10 min after takeoff, crew reported an emergency (the no. 2 engine had shut down due to a thrust reverser not locked tight) and they attempted to return to Dover. On final approach, the plane struck the ground tail-first. The tail separated and the plane continued further on. The nose section separated during impact.

All 17 aboard survived, but at least 10 of them suffered injuries.

Cause is believed to be uncommanded unlocking of thrust reverser on No. 2 engine, although the crew was able to shut engine down before thrust reverser actually deployed, the aircraft was flying too slow and the selection of 40-degree flap led to an uncontroled sink and contact with the ground.


U.S. Air Force photos/Doug Curran