American Legion Post 521
Pasadena, Texas
 McDonnell F-4D Phantom II
USAF SN 65 0777

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F-4D-29-MC s/n 65-0777
*USAF 35th TFW.
*USAF 555th TFS (8th TFW).
*1971: USAF 10th TFS (50th TFW).
*USAF 52nd TFW.
*USAF 494th TFS (48th TFW).
*1975: USAF 493rd TFS (48th TFW).
*1976: USAF 48th TFW.
*1977: USAF 421st TFS (388th TFW).
*USAF 18th TFW.
*USAF 31st TFW.
*New York ANG 136th TFS.
*Texas ANG 111th TFS.
*Currently preserved in Pasadena, TX.
*The plane with this number in England is actually 63-7419. Or is it really this one?

Data from the website Forgotten Jets


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