Air Force One Experience
701 National Harbor Boulevard
Oxon Hill, Maryland


By DCist Contributor Edward Russell

Air Force One is due to land at National Harbor on October 1.

Well, a lookalike is, anyway. President Trump's official Boeing VC-25, as the military version of the 747 is known, will not be touching base at the Prince George's County development. But an aircraft modified to look and feel just like the presidential transport will. It is due to make a dramatic arrival via barge on Monday.

The aircraft is part of the Air Force One Experience, an exhibit put on by the Children's Democracy Project. It promises to let visitors "feel the thrill of presidential travel as you immerse yourself in the luxury, the excitement, and the history of Air Force One."

The 747 will arrive between 6 and 10 a.m. on Monday, says Air Force One Experience spokeswoman Sophie Scheps. However, global ship tracking site Marine Traffic shows the Island Trader, the tugboat towing the aircraft, arriving on the shores of the Potomac around 2:35 p.m. in the afternoon.

The barge departed from Quonset State Airport in Rhode Island yesterday.

The 747 is outfitted in the classic Raymond Loewy-designed scheme of seafoam blue, white and silver adopted by Jackie Kennedy. That look's days appear numbered, though. President Trump said in July that he wants the next generation of presidential aircraft to look "more American," with a potentially red, white and blue color scheme - though any repainting is likely still years off.

The Air Force One Experience will be located at 701 National Harbor Boulevard in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Visitors will likely be able to catch a glimpse of the jumbo jet from the waterfront promenade in front of the adjacent Gaylord National Resort and from the trail connecting National Harbor to Alexandria via the Wilson Bridge.

The exhibit opens to the public on October 19 and runs through early January. Tickets for the cell phone-guided, 60-80 minute tours cost $15 for children and $30-35 for adults, depending on the time. Tours run every day from 10 a.m.- 8 p.m. (last entry at 7 p.m.)

Photos are from Facebook Sterry Street Towing.