American Legion Post 109
15921 S Houghton Rd
Corona, AZ 85641

McDonnell Phantom II USAF S/N 66_0294 F-4E flew with Thunderbirds.
Currently on display in front of American Legion Post 109, Corona de Tucson, AZ as #4

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Two photos from the, The F-4 Phantom II group when she was in flying with the Thunderbirds.

Fred Eliarts Photo
Thunderbird 4 George open house July '69.

Bill Wentz Photo
This 8x10 was a gift from the Thunderbirds.

F-4E-31-MC s/n 66-0294
*1969-74: Flew with the Thunderbirds acrobatic team.
*1975: USAF 20th TFTS (35th TFW).
*1976-77: USAF 35th TFW.
*Converted to NF-4E.
*1978-91: AFFTC.
*9/1991: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard.
*Was preserved in Santa Rita, AZ.
*Currently preserved in Corona/Tucson, AZ.

Data from the website Forgotten Jets


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