Brevard Veterans Memorial Center
Military Museum

400 S Sykes Creek Pkwy
Merritt Island, FL

The Veterans Memorial Center Museum collects, preserves and displays artifacts of the military history of the United States, with special emphasis on Brevard County veterans, in order to educate the community and inspire present and future generations with the militaryís service and sacrifice.

Since the early 1980ís we have been collecting and receiving donations of artifacts and mementos of intrinsic historic value and of special interest to the veterans of Brevard County. These artifacts provide insight into the life and sacrifice of our nationís military. Our collection holds thousands of unique and representative artifacts from the Revolutionary War through the Ongoing War on Terror, as well as the military in peacetime.

In the 1980s, the collection was housed in various locations in Titusville or wherever it could be displayed temporarily. With the construction and dedication of the current Veterans Memorial Center on Merritt Island in 1990, the museum finally had a permanent home. With the continuous donations of artifacts in the intervening years, the collection grew exponentially and the museum became severely space limited and unable to display many items of historic interest. The 2016 Expansion Project gave the museum a beautiful, new and much larger space to be able to more effectively display our artifacts, educate our visitors and provide a more enjoyable experience.

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