Duluth, Minnesota

Minnesota Air National Guard F- 4D S/N 65-0608

Minnesota Air National Guard
Home of the 148th Fighter Wing

F-4D-26-MC s/n 65-0608
*1972: USAF 469th TFS (388th TFW).
*9/12/1972: Credited with shooting down a MiG-21 over North Vietnam.
*USAF 492nd TFS (48th TFW).
*1974: USAF 493rd TFS (48th TFW).
*1975: USAF 48th TFW.
*1977: USAF 492nd TFS (48th TFW).
*1977: USAF 25th TFS (8th TFW).
*1977: USAF 80th TFS (8th TFW).
*1979: USAF 13th TFTS (56th TFW).
*Vermont ANG 134th TFS.
*1984-90: Minnesota ANG 179th FIS.
*4/10/1990: Struck off charge.
*Currently preserved at Duluth APT, MN.

Data from the website Forgotten Jets

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OA_10A Thunderbolt II SN# 79-0219 from the 111th Fighter Group ANG NAS Willow Grove, PA

ã Photos taken by Len Mozey