Enka Middle School
390 Asbury Rd.
Candler, NC

Republic RF-84F Thunderstreak
USAF S/N 0-37570 (53-7570)

 Upon the Jetís deactivation by the French Air Force, as they upgraded their fleet to the at-the-time modern Mirage III, our Jet made its way back to the States, and was assigned to the 184th TRS of the Arkansas Air National Guard. During its time with the Arkansas Air National Guard (1966-1970?), ARANG used these planes in pilot and ground crew training and missions.

During this time the Jet is deactivated from active USAF service, and the tail number is changed from 53-7570 (37570 in France) to the indicative of deactivation, 0-37570. This number has been retained to this date.

Now on display at Enka Middle School 390 Asbury Rd. Candler, NC.

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All photos taken from the web and Facebook.

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