"Enola Gay"
Boeing Superfortress B-29-45-MO USAF S/N 44-86292, 1944

The AAF accepted this aircraft on June 15, 1945, from the Martin plant at Omaha, Nebraska. After the war, air force crews flew the airplane during the Operation Crossroads atomic test program in the Pacific and then delivered it to Davis-Monthan Army Airfield, Arizona, for storage. Later, the U. S. Air Force flew the famous bomber to Park Ridge, Illinois, then transferred it to the Smithsonian Institution on July 4, 1949. Although in Smithsonian custody, the aircraft remained stored at Pyote Air Force Base, Texas, between January 1952 and December 1953. The airplane's last flight ended on December 2 when the "Enola Gay" touched down at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. The bomber remained at Andrews in outdoor storage until July 1961. By then quite concerned about the bomber deteriorating outdoors, the Smithsonian sent collections staff to disassemble the Superfortress and move it indoors, out of the elements, to the Paul E. Garber Facility in Suitland, Maryland.

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