USAF National Museum

Wright-Patterson AFB
1100 Spaatz Street
Dayton, Ohio




Len, these are from slides that I took during my last visit to the USAF Museum in 1996. These are ones I had an easy time getting. The B-45 and F-16 are both now indoors and I was lucky to get 'em when I did. If you could please add them to the friends section. It may be slow, but I'll try to add more when I can. When I was there in 1986, I took prints of the F-4C 64-0829 when it was still in Euro 1 markings when it was with the 149th FW of the TX ANG at Kelly. They asked to keep it, but AF Museum wanted it so Kelly got F-4C 63-7515 instead. Also in 2009, I was lucky to see C-17A 87-0025, the very first one at Ellington Field as I was starting digital. In April 2012, it went on display at the NMUSAF and I sure hope they'll put her indoors. It was in the original Iron Man movie and has signatures from the cast inside.

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I would like to Thank Eric Renth for the use of his great photos.

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