RA-5C Vigilante/Bu. No. 156608

5/1969: Delivered to the United States Navy.

1969: RVAH-3.

1971: RVAH-9.

1972: RVAH-13 as NK-601.

1972: RVAH-13 as NK-124.

1973: RVAH-6.

1974: RVAH-6 as AA-601.

1974: RVAH-1.

1975: RVAH-5.

1976: RVAH-5 as NE-611.

1977: RVAH-3 as GJ-304.

1978: RVAH-7 as NE-612.

1978-79: RVAH-7 as NE-610.

11/20/1979: Made the last Vigilante flight ever.

Gate guard at Naval Support Center Memphis, TN.

 ©All photos are taken and copyrighted by Shelby Lee Clements.

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