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Fairchild 24 Forwarder "Maggie's Pride" Model 24 C8C N14749

The Fairchild Model 24, is a four-seat, single engine monoplane light transport aircraft that was used by the United States Army Air Corps as the UC-61, and by the Royal Air Force. Built by the Fairchild Aircraft Co., after having some success with the Model 22, this led directly to the Model 24 which gained rapid popularity in the early 1930's. First flight of the Model 24 was in 1932, and was in continuous production from 1932 to 1948. It was available with two power plants, Warner's reliable 145hp radial Scarab, and Fairchild's in-house 200 hp Ranger series. The Fairchild 24 was built by Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Hagerstown, MD, a division of the Fairchild Aviation Corporation. In all, Fairchild constructed over 1500 Model 24's, with and additional 280 being constructed by the Texas Engineering & Manufacturing Company in Dallas, TX when that company purchased the manufacturing rights after World War II. During the war the Model saw action as submarine chasers fitted 2 - 100lb bombs off the east coast of the United States. Through the lend-lease program 161 were shipped overseas to Great Britain, these were known as the Argus I and Argus IIs.

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