NAS Ottumwa
Ottunwa, Iowa

NAS Ottumwa was constructed as a Naval Training Center shortly after America's entry into World War II.

 The main building is under restoration and they need all the help they can get. To find out were and when look on their Facebook Page for more information. They have just started.

Friends of NAS Ottumwa was formed to preserve the rich history of this former Navy "EBase" that trained thousands of Navy pilots. Through it's doors came famous faces and others whose stories will be lost to time if it weren't for this effort. For example a man who would become president another who would go into space, a pilot and his crew searching the Bermuda squadron for a lost fighter squadron. This base was renowned for it's air shows with crowds in excess of 30,000 coming to see the Blue Angles perform. Volunteers are currently busy restoring the base's former headquarters. To date a new roof has been installed, the cupola replaced, new entryways etc. You can also be a part of this! Your contributions would go a long way by acquiring the materials these folks need to complete the work!

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