US Air Force Nose Art Photos
sent in by
Tom Bispo

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A view of nose art on a KC-10A Extender aircraft dubbed Bayou Babe. The aircraft will be transporting equipment and personnel to the United States in the aftermath of Operation Desert Storm.

USAF Photo taken by Spec. Moore

 A close-up view of nose art on "The City of Goldsboro", the first KC-10A Extender aircraft to be assigned to the 68th Aerial Refueling Wing.

USAF Photo taken  TSgt H.H. Deffner

A close-up of nose art on a 6th Aerial Refueling Squadron Strategic Air Command KC-10A Extender aircraft dubbed "Asian Flew".

Credit for design and painting to TSGT David Wallace. He was responsible for that nose art and was my head crew chief for Asian Flew.

USAF Photo taken  SSGT Keith Reed III