Built in 1946

In 1984 I was in the process of doing an annual inspection on Ercoupe 2354h for a dentist. The fabric on the wings failed the test that I have do. Also the engine had all four cylinders to not pass Compression Test. The owner was going to try to sell it. I talked him in to donating it to the CAF, at this time I was Maintenance Officer for the local wing of the CAF. I then started recover the wings and over hauling the engine I was unable to find any pictures of the real YO-55. I had just completed a restoration of a Piper L 4. So we decided to paint 2354H like the cub. A local TV Person drew the Picture and we had it painted on the Nose.

This aircraft was an Ercoupe wile in process of restoring it he found out that the Army (USAAF) had several jobs and they designated it YO-55 and PQ-13. It was tested for the use as a trainer, observation and target drone. The army had three YO-55. Two were evaluated as a trainer, but not used. The third was PQ13 it was a target Drone.

YO-55 sitting under The CAF B25 that is called the Yellow Rose of Texas. One of the crew said that it looks like a half of a B-25, thus we name Lit Yellow Rose.

Bob Moore

I would like to Thank Bob Moore for the photos and story of the Lil Yellow Rose.