14th Annual Vintage Weekend Celebration
Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, FL
1st weekend in December every year

N2S Stearman Kaydet
The actual flight took place Saturday December 2nd,2006

Manufactured by Boeing
Max Speed 124 MPH
Cruising Speed 106 MPH

Stearman NS, N2S Kaydet was one of the primary trainers of WW II.
Of the 1768 made 1430 went to the Navy.

Some of the other aircraft at the "Vintage Weekend"

ã Copyrighted Photos taken by and sent in by Sara Vathauer.

Not quite the speed of the Blue Angels, but still awesome in my book! I had the opportunity go up with a group of 1941 Stearman Bi-planes at Ocean Reef this past December as they flew in formation for the annual "Vintage Weekend" event. What a wonderful experience!

Thanks again,