This photo came by way of Alf Batchelder.

This replica was built in the late 1980s-early 1990s in Western Australia. Apart from some modifications in the very lowest levels (engine, kitchen, toilets, washing machine, etc) it's a faithful replica of the vessel used by Lt. James Cook on his voyage of 1768-1771 from England to Tahiti, New Zealand and the east coast of Australia - the voyage did much to shape the British decision to colonise Australia in 1788. The replica has already sailed around the world once, visiting both US coasts and sailing through the Panama Canal. In 2000-2001, she sailed around Australia, visiting countless ports to celebrate the Millennium and the Centenary of Australian Federation. It was on this cruise that the picture was taken, in December 2000, off Mt. Martha, in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. In 2002, she is on a second world cruise, sailing east around Cape Horn to England.

Alf Batchelder

Further details can be found on http://www.barkendeavour.com.au/